ATE's Executive Committee

These are the people who are behind the heart and soul of the Avid Toronto Editors. If you are interested in volunteering or have any industry related questions, please feel free contact us any time. We will do our best to help you. Avid Toronto Editors' Twitter: @avidTOeditors; Facebook: Avid Toronto Editors (ATE) Facebook Group


M-Audio User Forum David Gallagher - President

David has been an editor for over a decade working for companies such as Global, CTV and CBC. He has always been actively involved in the post community. He was formally the Vice President for the past two years. He recently was promoted to President January of 2014.

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M-Audio User Forum Gordon Burkell - Vice President

Gordon has worked in the film industry and as a film editor for 12 years. His primary focus is
documentaries such as The Voyageur, Scream Your Dreams and Thirst. In 2007 Gordon started Art
of the Guillotine to help build a community for editors and to create a vehicle to help editors and film
academics share their knowledge and expertise. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he edits
and teaches film editing at Ryerson University.

The Art of the Guillotine


Pro Tools Forum JR - Marketing Liason

Editor Director, JR began his film career as an actor, appearing on popular night time drama shows ENG and the international docu‐drama series TOP COPS. He has directed commercials for the popular skateboard franchise “West 49”, which aired on a variety of stations throughout Canada and edited the first ever documentary on the C.S.C. (Canadian Society Of Cinematography). Currently working on establishing his narrative portfolio, he has completed the short comedic film entitled “Flush”, featuring comedian James Cunningham as well as having edited some Bravo!FACT films starring talents such as Patrick Mckenna and Andrew Martin.


ate-pres Richard S. Vala - Executive Advisor

Richard has been working in the post production industry for over a decade and a half. His talent for technical and creative speed and decisiveness has been a key to his success within the film and television community.  He has been actively involved in the local post production community for many years working hard to bring exposure to Toronto's post industry.  Richard was the ATE president from 2010 to 2014.

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Live Sound Forums Al Mitchell - ATE Founder

Al has been involved in the post production world for over two decades. He is the founding president of the original Avid Toronto Users' Group as well as the president and post production supervisor of Post Producers Digital Ltd, one of the premiere post facilities in Toronto.