Founded in 1995, formally known as the Avid Toronto Users' Group (ATUG), the Avid Toronto Editors' (ATE) is an organization of film & video editors, managers, Avid engineers and Avid system owners. It is a non-profit organization, administered and implemented by its executive committee. The meetings are held two to three times a year and feature various topics ranging from editing styles & techniques, to software/hardware improvements, as well as Avid service and support issues. Members are encouraged to promote themselves, their skills and their companies through networking forums and casual socializing before and after meetings.

The group is non-profit and volunteer run. The meetings are usually sponsored by various Toronto companies associated with Avid products. Meetings are open to all members in good standing or qualified guests. All topics discussed at ATE meetings will be directly related to Avid Editing Software and Avid Post-Production Products including 3rd party software and applications which can be used in an Avid editing environment. Meeting content is private and will not be video or audio recorded or redistributed in any way. The group is committed to keeping an up-to-date membership website which will have minutes from each meeting, upcoming meeting notices and other relevant information.


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